TETHYS FOSSIL MUSEUM Celebrates Lord Ram's Pran Pratishtha

TETHYS FOSSIL MUSEUM Celebrates Lord Ram's Pran Pratishtha

DR. RITESH Arya Commemorates highlighting his Geological Evidences on Rama's exile and his work on Ram Setu

Chandigarh, 22nd January 2024 - Tethys Fossil Museum, located in Dangyari, Himachal Pradesh, recently celebrated the Pran Pratishtha of Shri Ram at Ayodha with a ceremony involving the lighting of diyas. This symbolic gesture embodies the museum's deep reverence for this significant occasion.

Dr. Ritesh Arya, the esteemed founder of Tethys Fossil Museum, has exhibited unwavering dedication to preserving the scientific heritage linked to the construction of Ram Sethu. His notable contributions were prominently featured in the "Legends of Ramayan" documentary, which was broadcast by the Discovery Channel. This spotlight on the museum's endeavors underscores its commitment to bridging the gap between ancient narratives and scientific explorations, thus enhancing its reputation in the field.

Dr. Arya expressed, "Ram holds a glorious chapter in our golden history. The commencement of constructing the Ram Temple or his palace after 500 years marks the revival of that golden era. In Himachal Pradesh, we are fortunate to have significant sites such as Vashist Ashram in Manali, Jakhu Mandir in Shimla, Monkey Point in Kasauli, Jorji in Solan district, the place of origin of the Kaushala river, the Pabbar Valley, and Baijnath, all of which are associated with the life of Rama. It is imperative to develop these sites as geoheritage and historical landmarks to promote geotourism in Himachal Pradesh."

Dr. Arya Guinness World record holder also emphasized that Tethys Fossil Museum features a dedicated section revealing the science behind the creation of Ram Sethu, as showcased in the Discovery Channel broadcast. The museum houses corals from Rameshwaram that were integral to the construction of Ram Sethu. This section aims to impart knowledge on the scientific processes behind the creation of Ram Sethu to children, fostering faith in ancient history and culture, while also instilling a scientific temper among the new generation.

Prof Krishan Kant, Director, Corporate Affairs with Tethys Fossil Museum who joined the celebrations said on the occasion that this has been a historic experience and would certainly get etched in the history of this great nation. Tethys Fossil Museum wishes to contribute by enhancing the scientific temper of the researchers regarding Lord Rama and his exploits, he added.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Ritesh Arya
Founder, Tethys Fossil Museum
Phone: +91-9316722291

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