Big Karwa Chauth Sale 2023


  1. Product-specific Keywords:

    • Include the name of your product, brand, and any specific features.
    • Example: "Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones," "Brand Smart Watch."
  2. Category Keywords:

    • Mention the broader category your product belongs to.
    • Example: "Electronics," "Home and Kitchen," "Outdoor Gear."
  3. Intended Use Keywords:

    • Describe how the product can be used.
    • Example: "Travel-friendly," "Gaming Accessories," "Fitness Tracker."
  4. Size and Dimensions:

    • Include size-related keywords.
    • Example: "Compact," "Large," "8-inch Display."
  5. Material/Composition Keywords:

    • Mention the materials used in your product.
    • Example: "Stainless Steel Water Bottle," "Cotton Bed Sheets."
  6. Color Keywords:

    • Specify the color or colors available.
    • Example: "Blue Leather Wallet," "Red Throw Pillow."
  7. Target Audience Keywords:

    • Identify the ideal customer.
    • Example: "Kids' Educational Toys," "Men's Running Shoes."
  8. Compatibility Keywords:

    • If applicable, include compatibility with other products.
    • Example: "iPhone 12 Charger," "Windows 10 Compatible Webcam."
  9. Benefits and Features:

    • List specific features and benefits.
    • Example: "Long Battery Life," "Waterproof Design."
  10. Brand Keywords:

    • Include your brand name and any related terms.
    • Example: "ABC Tech," "Home Essentials."
  11. Popular and Trending Terms:

    • Include terms that are currently trending or popular in your niche.
    • Example: "Smart Home," "Eco-Friendly," "Wireless Charging."
  12. Search Terms from Competitors:

    • Analyze your competitors and include relevant keywords.
    • Example: If your competitor is selling "Durable Outdoor Backpacks," you might include "Durable Outdoor Gear" in your keywords.
  13. Seasonal Keywords:

    • If applicable, use keywords related to seasons or holidays.
    • Example: "Summer Beach Towel," "Christmas Decorations."
  14. Problem-Solving Keywords:

    • Identify and address potential problems your product solves.
    • Example: "Anti-Snoring Device," "Quick-Fix Laptop Stand."

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